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Who We are


Company of Multi-service that develops its activity in Bonalba Golf and Alicante.

By a small annual quota or with the hiring of precise particular services, we provided all type of services in the tie houses and premises to the sector of the Properties and the construction, the reforms of interiors or exteriors generally and all class of related activities.


* Works of masonry

* Cleaning, Polished and Glazed of grounds

* work Design * Electricity and Carpentry

* Maintenance of Swimming pools and SPA

* Painting and Pickling

* Backyard and Gardens

      Maintenance of Properties: The standard service includes a visit every two weeks, with the purpose of to control the security, to ventilate the house, to verify that there are flaws in doors or no windows, to verify filtrations and/or humidities in ceilings and walls; verification of the electricity, water conductions and cleaning of desagues.

More than 25 years of experience in Miami (USA) and Spain in the ground treatment
(Polished, Polished, Glazed, Diamond-like and Pickling in Marble, Terrazo and
limestones) they guarantee to us. Marble sale - OUTLET.

 We use the latest techniques (systems without dust in inhabited floors,
facades, bathrooms, walls, kitchens, and all floors: marble, terrazzo,
silestone, limestone, linoleum, linoleum, PVC...)


654 934 579 - ALICANTE

    Main services:

  • Rent and Sale of Apartments and the Premises.

  • Payment of provisions and taxes.

  • Economically to furnish or to reform its furniture in outlet.

  • Service of laundry and ironing.

  • Cleaning before, during and after its stay or the one of its guests.

  • Maintenance and chemical of its swimming pool to find it perfect to its arrival.

  • Adjustment of the gardens and plants giving the ideal aspect for the season

   In addition, we can help him in the following aspects free:
  • List of the purchase so that it arranges in the refrigerator than needs to its arrival
  • Interesting advising on beaches and places to visit.
  • Reserves in restaurants and spectacles.
  • Management of the car rental.

* In summary, a complete multiservice to do more pleasant and calm its stay to him.           *Request a Budget to us without no commitment.

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